Vicroads Bundoora Driving Test Route

The VicRoads Drive test needs candidates to undertake an approximately 35-40 minute “on-road” driving assessment that begins and ends at one in all the VicRoads “License testing Centers”.

The creation of simply two ‘critical errors’ throughout the VicRoads Bundoora driving test route are often enough to FAIL a person that is, for example, merely failing to do a “head check” once merging lanes and then not “indicating” at one of the desired moments during a Reverse Parallel Parking maneuver is enough to cause an applicant to fail his / her VicRoads Drive Test within the initial ten minutes.

Just like preparing for high school and University exams, a lot of you become aware of what’s doubtless to be asked of you during the Drive test and also the better educated you’re of the “peculiarities” of some test Routes within the LOCATION that you just are considering doing your VicRoads Drive test in, such as the

  •   Presence of Multi-lane Roundabouts,
  •   The merging of lanes particularly areas,
  •   Presence of trees/bushes obstructing your read for turns, and
  •   Narrowness of median strips you will need to rest your vehicle in, the higher the possibility you will have of PASSING.


  1. On several occasions our instructors see students rushing to get to their lessons on time and this is often transferred into their drive test, leading them to fail on speeding. Therefore, we tend to advise you to arrive on time for your 1-hour preparation lesson before your driving test.
  2. Don’t drive too slowly or be too cautious, be assertive, you really can be given an important error for driving 10kph underneath the ordinance for no apparent reason.
  3. Be patient and make the testing officer feel safe within the back seat. Imagine you are driving your aged grandparents, there is no rush.
  4. Choose a Vic Roads testing station wherever you’ll be able to access easily and have a few skilled driving lessons to familiarize yourself with the testing routes and select a local prestigious Driving School.