It takes a while for somebody to become an honest and safe driver. Ricky Driving school in Bundoora works very hard educating and helping all our students to use safe driving habits. Ricky driving school in Bundoora understands that children require overtime to learn, not so much about driving a car but more so, detecting and avoiding hazards along the roads of Bundoora and particularly in built-up areas and fast roadways.

Best Driving School in Bundoora

Ever thought of going to a picnic spot with peers instead of your family, where you just sit in a back seat and listen to your favorite music?

Well, everyone does dreams of a beautiful journey with their friends. Listening to your favorite jazz and pop songs and singing out loud the lyrics. All is possible only when you know how to drive perfectly.

A high-performance driving school in Bundoora, Australia is offering you the opportunity of active driving skills.

Keys All Are Yours When You Know How to Drive

Your parents would be no more worried about you going alone with friends in your car. As, being the best driving school in Bundoora, Ricky driving school is providing you with on and off-road driving skills.

Ricky driving school is offering its customers the best courses which aim to make them drive more secure.

Car Control Techniques

While you are learning to drive, one of the most important things that matter is the environment. Your first-time learning will make the surrounding seem more stressful. As long as you are learning, our driving instructor in Bundoora is beside you, making you feel relaxed and confident. Teaching you the car control techniques in the best way and making your grip firm on the steering of the car.

Accident Avoidance

The more you do hands-on exercise, the more perfect you get. Ricky driving school is offering you accident avoidance, driving classes. Classes which not only make you learn about the accident avoidance techniques but the tricks of smooth driving.

Valid Driver License

Roaming in your car around the streets of your city is now no more dangerous as our driving school is providing you with a valid driving license. Drive with no fear of cops as you will have your license in hand.

Flexible Timing

Ricky Driving School in Bundoora also supports a flexible Driving Schedule so you can schedule your class according to your convenience. If you are busy during the weekend we can just schedule the class on weekends.


It takes a particular talent to succeed in and become a driving instructor in Bundoora. Our driving instructors are professional and fully accredited by VicRoads. Our driving instructors are patients and have a few years of industry experience alongside driver education expertise to pass any skills and knowledge onto their students.

Here at Ricky school, we’ve both male and feminine driving instructors to assist you with all of your driving needs. We understand that some people would like a female driving instructor when learning to drive. Regardless of the choice, we will assist you to successfully pass the driving test.

We are focused on our driving lessons in Bundoora. We aim to form every driving lesson as important as the other driving lesson if less. As motorists, we put safety first before anything.

Beginner drivers who have just started on the driving lessons are the foremost novice. If you’re a beginner driver then you ought to call and take your lessons from professional driving instructors who can pass vital driving information and skill over to you.


We provide the best driving Lesson in Bundoora that is both affordable and full of valuable driving education for the unemployed, learner driver, students, and seniors. If you’re trying to find a school that gives affordable prices without compromising on quality then you’ve got found us.

When you enroll with our school, we’ll have one among our expert driving instructors work with you during your driving lessons. We’ll provide valuable advice and specific knowledge about prices to assist you together with your budget and to require you extra into your driving life.

Our driving instructors at every moment will help not only with the driving abilities of the student but also teach them to become more aware of their presence on the roads. We teach what we all know about driving on the road which will help the student in future scenarios where hazard perception skills are needed so as to detect and avoid potential accidents. At every endeavor, we aim to assist our students to extend their road hazard perception skills.

Advanced road hazard driving skills will aid the student to pass the hazard perception test with ease. This test may be a VicRoads requirement and wishes to be completed and passed before the VicRoads driving test.

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What makes us different from others;

  1. Customer satisfaction
  2. Valid driving license
  3. 24/7 service available
  4. Proficient driving instructors
  5. Affordable courses

You can only read here, enroll today so you could experience and live the time of becoming a pro. Check our website to get more insight. The time of being a skillful driver is no more away.

Ricky Driving School instructors deliver driving lessons in many other major suburbs of Melbourne like GlenroyFawknerReservoirSeymour, Coburg, Epping, Sunbury, Craigieburn and many more.

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