We pride ourselves on our experience in teaching learners of all ages and every one ability. We are nice at serving nervous pupils. We have an honest understanding of varied teaching techniques that are often used during our driving lessons. The use of various teaching techniques will facilitate people who have learning difficulties and special needs. Cooperation and understanding are at the forefront of our minds once teaching any learner. We’ll place you comfortably, ensure learning takes place, and Ricky driving school in Melbourne will make sure that you only have an honest time in your driving lessons with us here at Ricky school.

Driving School in Melbourne successively can assist you to save lots of cash as you’ll like fewer hours to be ready for your driving test. Your driving instructor is happy to select you from home, work, or school and may then take you to the acceptable space to start out your driving lesson.

It is necessary for everybody to find out to drive nowadays since an individual who can drive is going to be ready to go from one place to a different one without dalliance on Uber or conveyance. You’ll literally drive yourself anywhere and save yourself time and resources if you’re a talented driver but how are you able to become a talented driver? This is often where the Ricky school in Melbourne comes into the picture. It provides the simplest driving lessons within the whole of Melbourne and trains people to become skilled drivers within 2 weeks.


We also are the right choice for those that want to pass the driving test since we have the very best first-time driving test pass rate. Ricky driving instructor in Melbourne guarantees that you’ll pass the driving test on the primary attempt after just 2 weeks of coaching. Yes! you’d be driving everywhere in Melbourne in only a time of two weeks if you learn from us.

Our method of teaching combines experimental and effective approaches that are recognized internationally and have given outstanding results. We mix both theory and practical teaching that helps the scholars understand what they’re close to doing behind the wheel.

One must have a good grasp of driving to be able to save one’s car from damage and avoid trouble from traffic police. Ricky Driving School in Melbourne teaches driving rules and techniques extensively so that you do not end up with speeding tickets. Moreover, we are the only Driving School in Melbourne that has both competent female and male driving instructors. Our instructors teach the updated road rules and regulations in great detail so you will be able to pass the driving test easily. So Contact us now if you want to take cheap driving lessons in Melbourne.

Ricky Driving School in Melbourne

It is hard to find a capable Driving school in Melbourne but Ricky Driving School is already known for equipping its clients with excellent driving lessons while providing security that complies with international standards. Also, Ricky Driving Lesson in Melbourne provides customized driving lessons according to the needs of each driver-whether you want to learn driving from scratch or just want to polish already existing driving skills. We are always happy to accommodate our clients.

Features of Ricky Driving School

Ricky Driving School is the most competent Driving School in Melbourne as it provides premium driving lessons at reasonable prices. It does not charge a fortune but provides valuable driving lessons that will surely help you in passing the driving test on the first attempt. Plus Ricky Driving School has the highest first-time driving test clearance rate so you’ll surely clear the driving test.

The female and male driving instructors of Ricky Driving School are made to go through rigorous training and testing before they are rendered eligible to teach clients. They are friendly, professional, approachable, and properly licensed so you do not worry; you’ll get the best driving lessons here at Ricky Driving School.

Furthermore, you can just book your driving classes according to your timetable. Our Instructors are available all the time to teach so you can schedule your classes when you are free. And most importantly, we offer cost-effective driving packages that will not be heavy on your credit card.

Hence Ricky Driving School offers;

  1.   Personalized driving Courses.
  2.   Qualified driving instructors
  3.   Both female and male driving Instructors available.
  4.   Comprehensive teaching syllabus.
  5.   Safe driving environment.
  6.   Flexible study schedule.
  7.   Reasonable driving packages.


Other than the described qualities and benefits; it also supports,

  • Customized Courses
  • Flexible schedule.
  • Best instructors in Melbourne.
  • Safe environment.
  • Fully-equipped vehicles.
  • Accepting and Diverse space.
  • Reasonably priced packages.

Our driving instructors also can speak multiple languages therefore the barrier won’t affect your learning process. Feel free and allow us to know if you’ve got any issue aside from the barrier i.e., nervousness or any neurological disorder that creates driving difficulty for you since we are always happy to form adjustments for our clients. You’ll not face any kind of issue in our driving Lesson in Melbourne; we are willing to require the additional mile to serve our clients.

Furthermore, all of our vehicles have a passenger brake that’s controlled by instructors because the driver practices and learns techniques behind the wheel. This lowers the probabilities of accidents since the driving teacher can stop the vehicles with passenger brakes.


Last but not least, our prices are unmatched within the whole market and that we deliver what we promise. Thus, if you would like to require cheap driving lessons in Melbourne just come visit the best driving school in Melbourne.

Most people learn to drive by having weekly driving lessons in Melbourne which might suggest that as a learner driver, you’ve got two-hour lessons at a time. Two-hour driving lessons will permit you to find out a lot and pay longer on every subject which suggests you will be prepared for your driving check faster than if you merely took hourly lessons weekly.

Everyone is different from the variability of driving lessons Melbourne you would like will vary from person to person however with our practiced instructors, you’ll take fewer driving lessons and run the simplest chance of passing your driving check the primary time. Low-cost driving lessons will provide you with what you buy, Inadequate below commonplace tuition that within the end of the day may cost you masses more and take you months of additional lessons.


Melbourne has several driving faculties in numerous parts. You’ll suppose that any standard school can assist you to understand valuable expertise in driving however it isn’t so. We at Melbourne school provide the reassurance of constructing you the foremost effective driver within a few weeks. Our best driving instructor Melbourne has been giving superior quality driving lessons for the last ten years. We additionally select the foremost qualified driving instructors to relinquish coaching within the varsity. We are ready to assist you in the following ways.

Contact us today to get fine and cheap driving lessons in Melbourne.

Ricky Driving School instructors deliver driving lessons in many other major suburbs of Melbourne like Glenroy, Fawkner, ReservoirSeymour, Coburg, Epping, Sunbury,Deer Park, Craigieburn and many more.

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