Learn to drive in kew with our Driving School Kew Instructors, after that you will be able to drive anywhere in the city. Don’t hesitate with busy roads it’s altogether probably the most effective place to be told to drive in Kew and might prepare you for any worth driving has to throw at you.

At Ricky driving school in Kew, we provide high-quality driving lessons and courses in Kew space to suit every beginner driver un-trained driver of all ages and abilities. Our driving schools in Kew covering all surrounding areas provide fantastic cheap driving lessons within the Kew area. All of our skillful driving instructors in Kew are fully qualified and approved, ensuring that every one driver coaching takes place in a very cooperative, friendly, and relaxed atmosphere and heaps of significance so that you simply develop the foremost effective and safest driving skills and habits you will wish for in your driver life.


At Ricky driving school we’ve got well-equipped vehicles to use for automatic driving lessons. If you prefer, we conjointly give lessons on appropriate manual vehicles. you’ll have peace of mind by choosing the same vehicle in your driving test that you have got used in your training sessions.

Ricky driving school includes a driving trainer’s expert in the test route and aims to confirm that you just pass your test in the initial try in Kew.


  • Express Driving investigates arrangements to instigate your driver’s permit at one go.
  • Specialized for Nervous student drivers to control and drive safe
  • Refresher course in sync with clients’ needs
  • Freeway and city driving skill
  • Driving around the city


  • 1st Time Pass secured – Terms apply
  • Skilled in providing professional classes for parallel reverse parking and Driving Test.
  • Quick license providing assistance.
  • Hazard Perception Guidance.

Driving instructors consider safe driving as an important purpose to require and perhaps a matter of life and death. Driving is taken without any thought many times; completely different people use cars and alternative cars as toys and don’t show how powerful they are. It’s very crucial to take care once you begin driving a car.

Therefore, our driving instructors tend to help you to accumulate whole information on road safety measures and assist you to avail yourself the pleasure of driving with confidence.


Crash driving courses in Kew are just the same as intensive; this provides a fast and easy way to learn to drive around Kew in a very short period of time. Complete Driving Courses in Kew thrown right in at the deep-in finish well get you driving quickly.


  1. What if there is no driving instructor available near my desired location?
  2. If you are worried and come up with no availability of drivers in your area, it’s as a result of there are no driving trainers who are presently willing and keen to service the realm of the desired pick-up location. You can enter an alternate location on the search bar that’s convenient for you and search again.
  3. How many driving lessons do I need?
  4. Right after your beginner’s lesson, your driving trainer is within the best position to assess what number of driving lessons you must take, supported factors such as:
  • Previous driving experience, if any
  • Confidence level
  • Quickly learn and master driving techniques.
  1. Can I take driving lessons even if I have no experience in driving?
  2. All of our driving instructors welcome the chance to produce driving lessons for learner drivers who have not driven before.