Learning to drive is life’s most pleasant experience for anyone’s life. So, it’s very vital that you simply get driving lessons from Ricky driving school in Seymour to hunt out correct and safe driving. Book with a knowledgeable driving school in Seymour is often a wise investment, as you get confidence in your own driving with an in-depth grip over traffic and road rules.


The fastest growing national school, each Ricky driving instructor in Seymour is settled throughout the areas across Australia, however, our instructors are native to the areas they teach therefore you’ll make sure you will get expert driving tuition on the roads and checking areas around wherever you reside.


We all know that drivers are offered altogether, barely like cars, therefore your driving lesson in Seymour is becoming structured to fit your needs.

Ricky school features a few years of skilled driving lesson in Seymour as well as temper tantrums once drivers fail their test and blame the examiner for having a nasty day!

There are a lot of Driving Schools in Seymour that charge a lot but sadly none of them offer valuable driving lessons. But Ricky Driving School  is here to solve this problem. Now you can take the finest driving lessons at an affordable rate without any problem. We can teach you every technique and concept related to driving very easily. So visit Ricky Driving School and book your driving class.

Ricky Driving School in Seymour

Ricky Driving School is the first-ever school that provides extensive as well as cheap driving lessons in Seymour. We are proud of what we represent and what we have accomplished. In 2020, Ricky Driving School in Seymour had the highest driving test first time pass rate and we intend to maintain the numbers this year too. We understand that it can be frustrating to fail the driving test even after paying so much to driving Schools but Ricky Driving School Guarantees that you’ll pass the driving test on the first attempt.

Safe Environment and Vehicles

Ricky Driving School equips all of its clients with safe vehicles that come with dual control. These vehicles are totally safe to drive around. Even the environment in which clients are allowed to drive is safe and controlled. So here you can drive around, learn comfortably and we’ll take care of your safety.

Female and male driving Instructor available

Ricky Driving School has the most exceptional driving instructors . All the driving instructors are licensed and they go through a rigorous training program to become eligible to teach. Plus we always make sure our customers are satisfied with our driving instructors.

They are also polite, friendly, professional and open-minded so you won’t have a problem with them. Furthermore, both female and male driving instructors are available to teach and clients can choose to be taught by either female or male instructors.

Several learner drivers don’t notice the extent of skills and competence needed nor what they’re really being tested for on the road. Be a part of Ricky school to be best ready that we’ll permit you to grasp what’ needed to pass the check from during all our fully-fledged driving instructors.

Obtaining your driver’s license and happening on your 1st road trip is often awfully exciting expertise for anyone. However, even the foremost experienced drivers will run into trouble throughout long-distance drives and one among the worst things to experience is being stuck in the middle of obscurity between towns.

Coming up with your trip thoroughly, brooding about what to expect, and understanding several factors about long-distance driving can facilitate avoiding golf, shooting you in a dangerous state of affairs and wrecking your trip. scan on to hunt out however you’ll make sure you keep things going smoothly.

Once you have a list of points, you’ll confirm the traveling time and stop times for each, permitting you to calculate the time between major points where you’d probably sleep overnight.

Also, arrange wherever you’ll purchase the belongings you’d like, where you’ll get a lot of fuel, where to possess lunch, and so on.

Arrange it well and become accustomed to connecting roads and turn-offs and your road trip will go tons smoother.

Most of the coaching drivers fail their driving check by misunderstanding or not that specialize in alternative traffic rules and hazards, operating their vehicle with reduced safety margins, not observant speed signs, stop lines, additionally as turning right solely lanes.

Learning to drive could also be a serious milestone in someone’s life, that is why our Ricky driving instructors are among the best and most skilled in the country.

People of all Age are welcomed

Ricky Driving School in Seymour caters to people of all ages. Our Instructors have taught as young as 17 years old and as old as 60-year-old people. There is no shame or stigma here; we’ll welcome you here and will be very happy to make adjustments to our driving course to suit your individual needs regardless of your age.

Book your driving lesson today if you want prime quality but at the same time cheap driving lessons in Seymour. Come and let Ricky Driving School in Seymour guide you to your driving license.

Ricky Driving School instructors deliver driving lessons in many other major suburbs of Melbourne like Glenroy, Fawkner, Reservoir, Seymour, Coburg, Epping, Sunbury, Craigieburn and many more.

 For further information, contact Ricky Driving School in Seymour.