The VicRoads drive test is meant to assess your ability to drive safely. You’ll be punished if you’re doing one thing throughout the test that produces an unsafe situation, or if you are doing something that will produce an unsafe situation. The foremost serious penalty – where the test is stopped and you fail directly – is used if you are doing one thing that puts you or various road drivers at risk of a crash or injury.

The initial part of the VicRoads drive test routes takes place in less difficult driving situations. You’ll be asked to show left and right at intersections, amendment lanes, reverse park, or do a three-point turn, then stop the car so that the testing officer can calculate your score for the primary part of the test. If you pass, you’ll continue on to the second part of the test. If not, you’ll come to the VicRoads client Service Centre to receive feedback regarding your driving.

The consequent part of VicRoads drive test takes place on a bit busier road. You’ll be assessed once you switch left and right at wholly completely different intersections, modify lanes, merge with various traffic, and drive on straight and falciform sections of the road. At the tip of the test, you’ll come to the VicRoads client Service Centre and receive your results.

The testing officer can give you feedback at the VicRoads client Service Centre. You’ll learn whether or not you passed or not and if there are aspects of your driving that need improvement.

If you fail the test, the feedback will assist you to focus your application on specific areas before you are trying the test again.

keep in mind you’re likely to pass the test if you’ve got a minimum of 1 hundred twenty hours (including twenty hours night driving) of supervised driving experience in a variety of assorted conditions. If you’ve got an incapacity or issue understanding English you want to tell VicRoads once booking an arrangement for your test.


Driving test for Learner’s drivers over the age of twenty-one years: Once you pass your learners test it’s very important to need a learner to allow you to begin driving classes. It’s urged to rent a school for a minimum of twenty to thirty hours and learn with a skilled teacher who can teach you to become a good driver. Driving check for learners below the age of twenty-one or below: it’s vital to browse and follow the rules book.

You’ll perform daily driving tasks safely while not with the assistance of your oversight driver or instructor. That is, you’ll drive severally and make your own safe driving decisions.

You’ll perform the following actions safely and wrongfully in an exceedingly vary of traffic conditions:

  • Right-left turns at different road intersections
  • Merging with completely different traffic
  • Reverse parallel parking and a turning
  • Driving on straight or incurvate roads in many traffic conditions

It’s possible for a well-prepared learner driver to fail the driving test for VicRoads drive test routes if they’re unable to demonstrate the required safe, legal driving behaviors throughout the driving test. Any unsafe driving errors and unlawful behaviors are treated seriously during the driving test.


The VicRoads Drive Test has been set to assess the safe driving behaviors expected of learner drivers who have accumulated a minimum of 120 hours of driving experience in an exceeding range of driving situations.

License candidates who pass the driving test can have it incontestable that they’ll drive safely and legally. within the daily driving activities assessed in the test.

Unsafe driving errors and extrajudicial behaviors are treated seriously in the driving test, and it’s doable for a well-prepared learner to fail the test if they’re unable to demonstrate the required safe, legal driving behaviors throughout the test.

If you’ll tick all of the items among the subsequent checklist, you’re able to try the test. You’ve got a minimum of 100 and twenty hours of on-road supervised driving experience in an exceeding sort of traffic, road, and driving conditions, yet as expertise within the wet, on high-speed roads, and a minimum of twenty hours at night.

You’ll perform daily driving tasks safely on different types of roads, as well as busy roads, multilane roads, roads with utterly completely different speed zones, and in a variety of traffic conditions.

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