Ricky driving school in Melton is a leading school throughout Victoria with testers in many suburbs in Melbourne and country Victoria and may offer training and testing for cars, boats, Jet Ski, trucks, and industrial but to name a few.

Ricky driving school in Melton has the foremost experienced and trained cheap school Instructors in Melton. school in Melton holds huge success records and therefore the instructors will guide you regarding traffic rules and regulations. We’ve skillful and well-trained instructors on one platform. they’re going to assign you regular assignments and take tests to gauge the extent of your driving.


Ricky driving Lessons Melton are your providers of top quality driver lessons and testing when learning to drive.

Ricky school offers a variety of services with a get your license first time guarantee for all kinds of licenses, of course, some conditions do apply, so contact us for more information on this.

Driving instructor in Melton will also assist you to get ready for your driver’s license test to assist you in feeling confident and cozy behind the wheel. We prepare you to qualify for the exam. We also teach about behavioral training and common sense, additionally to imparting you better driving skills. Our Driving Instructors will try their best to motivate you with real passion. With their few years of professional experience, they teach defensive driving skills to new drivers and prepare you for the road. We make sure that your training is both effective and enjoyable and supply training using modern training techniques.

We understand that every student has different needs and that we tailor each driving lesson & training session to suit you. All our instructors are carefully selected and screened for his or her expertise and other people skills with certificates III & IV qualifications and every one holds current DIAs and Diplomas. We aim to deliver a driver education with a difference from our instructors throughout to our office and support staff.


If you’re trying to find high quality driving Lesson in Melton and nearby suburbs like Plumpton, Sydenham, Bacchus Marsh, Caroline Springs, etc. we’ll be your local school. Our fully qualified instructors are able to assist you to realize your goal easily, whether you would like to get ready for your Ps (Probationary driver’s license), convert overseas license into a full license after passing drive test, few refresher lessons to be able to drive in areas within the “city of Melton” or perhaps you’re just an absolute beginner!

Our driving lessons are according to our learner’s needs as communicated to us by our local instructor for Melton driving routes during the lesson. Urgently booked drive test accompaniments and frequent lessons are often arranged with a real, expert Instructor to make sure that you simply are ready for VicRoads within the Melton area.


Explore “U-Turn” from the proper lane on a multi-lane roundabout which may be a must within the lesson!

Just a few major roads, mostly tons of turning into residential streets with less traffic!

Learn the one-way and “No-entry” at the beginning and towards the top of the test near the Bakery square!


Just a few major roads, mostly tons of turning into residential streets with less traffic!

Driving to an equivalent road from different directions makes some learners feel very comfortable!

Ricky school in Melton offers an exciting way to learn driving.

You can enroll today with a school in Melton online. we’ll prepare you for getting your driver’s license.

  • We will offer you the proper training to drive during heavy traffic congestions.
  • Whether you’re of any age bracket we’ll educate you and assist you to strengthen your driving skills.
  • Our instructors are hardworking and patient.
  • Vehicles are fully up-to-date
  • How to urge to hurry driving on Melbourne’s Roads.
  • Contact Ricky driving school and book online our driving lessons Packages.
  • Learn to reverse parking.
  • Attend your driving lessons in a comfortable car.

Our Best Driving instructors are fully trained to urge you to prepare for your driving test. We have skilled driving instructors who are supportive, expert, and professional with their work. Our regular test will take you through a practice run of the sensible driving test at regular intervals.

For every new driver, passing the driver’s license test is one of the main hurdles. The test is often extremely difficult in Australia, and one small mistake will cause you to fail it. However, if you’ve joined a knowledgeable school in Melbourne, you’ll be ready to pass the test with no hassle.

The instructor will guide you through various factors that you simply must remember during the test. He’ll also share the way to use various signals carefully during the test to form unexpected mistakes. So, if you furthermore may want to pass your test within the first go, confirm to hitch a knowledgeable school in Melbourne.


Ricky Driving School in Melton aims to give quality driving lessons that will help our learners to become an expert driver for his or her entire life and not just to pass their driving test. We hired only quality and expert driving instructors who aren’t only hiring for his or her expertise in driving.

So, that concludes our guide on the highest benefits of joining a knowledgeable school. Moreover, it’s worth noting that a school will assist you to become a far better driver and keep everyone safe on the road. It’ll also make it easier to accumulate the specified confidence to drive in several situations, be it on the highway or within the jam-packed city traffic.

Visit or call us today to take the finest driving lessons in Essendon Fields.

Ricky Driving School instructors deliver driving lessons in many other major suburbs of Melbourne like Glenroy, Fawkner, Reservoir, Seymour, Coburg, Epping, Sunbury, Craigieburn and many more.

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