Driving school in Coolaroo training takes you through different types of road-testing routes regularly to familiarize you with the road trams and environment. Our professional driving instructors will provide you with crucial information on what to expect during your driving test. you’ll get to have the minimum number of driving lessons completed before you’ll take the ultimate driving test.

We can do that with our best technique for preparing, which means everybody is private. And no two understudies are indistinguishable. Driving school in Coolaroo has a program that is custom-made for you. Despite the very fact that there are comparable examples that emerge. At that time, it takes genuine abilities to reflect. And prolong the effective examples that are reflected within the very best drivers on the streets.


Our Driving Instructor in Coolaroo always motivates you with a true passion for teaching new drivers defensive driving skills, with their few years of professional experience, and to organize you for the road. Our school of Coolaroo instructors provides driving lessons in Coolaroo to simulate your driving test exactly like real test conditions to ensure that you simply are able to pass your driving test for the primary time.



Our driving lesson in Coolaroo will assist you to prepare for your driver’s license test so you are feeling confident. and cozy behind the wheel, able to qualify within the exam. Ricky school Coolaroo has both male and female driving instructors in nearly all suburbs in Melbourne and provides excellent driving lessons for people of any age and level.


Ricky school in Coolaroo offers an exciting way to learn driving. We offer training using modern training techniques to make sure that your training is both effective and enjoyable. school in Coolaroo provides driving lessons for teen drivers alongside regular test learning to drive or who could also be seeking a refresher on new driving techniques with the newest methods provided by our hardworking and enthusiastic instructors.

Best Driving School in Coolaroo – Learn to Drive Smoothly!

It would not be wrong to say that every person owns the desire to run his car on the roads all by himself without depending upon any driver. If you have not learned to drive, it is almost impossible for you to be confident while on the road. To drive freely on the road, you have to meet driving instructors and visit driving schools. In Coolaroo, the driving schools offer you desirable features, and it becomes difficult for the learner to decide which school is perfect. We assure you that the Ricky Driving School in Coolaroo will provide you with all the services and practice you need to be confident on-road under one roof. The driving instructors at our driving school are experienced, polite, and devoted.


We Turn the Beginners into Professional Drivers

Once you have made up your mind to learn how to drive, do not be late anymore. Grab the chance to discover excellent skills. At Ricky Driving School, you will not only learn how to drive a car, but we also offer you some remarkable services. Teaching the new learners with patience and the satisfaction of our learners is our utmost priority.

  1.    Ensuring the safety

The main aim of our instructors is to teach you driving but with complete safety. We ensure your safety during the learning procedure. We do not jump to busy roads directly. Ricky driving school has trained the professionals to start with bare areas or less busy streets.


  1.   Professional Instructors

The vital thing to look at in a driving school is its instructors. When the tutors are polite and decent, they will make you learn something with ease. If they’re not patient, then you cannot learn to drive.

Ricky driving school has hired the best male and female instructors from all over the Coolaroo to ensure that you get the best adequate training.


  1.   Variety of Vehicles

When you come to a driving school, they are supposed to teach you to drive various vehicles and basic car driving.

Our friendly instructors will let you get your hands on different cars and other vehicles, so you have the perfect experience on the road and enjoy your drive without bewilderment.


  1.   Easy License Process

People face confusion and difficulty in getting a license once they have learned to drive. Passing the driving test seems like a significant milestone for many people.

Still, you need not worry about that because we offer you easy access to a driving license in a city like Coolaroo.

Why Should You Choose Our Services?

Nowadays, it is easy to afford a car but driving it is not everyone’s teacup. Many training schools take advantage of the noob drivers. We give you honest remarkable services at affordable rates.


  •   The good passing rate at the first attempt
  •   Modern cars
  •   Polite and friendly professional instructors
  •   Affordable package
  •   Complete awareness of traffic rules and regulations

A perfect driving school can bring out the best version of a driver from you. But after knowing about Ricky’s driving school, we’re pretty sure you’ll not look around for any other best option to learn driving skills. So, head forward to us and avail yourself of what you want!

For further information contact Ricky Driving School in Coolaroo.

The driver’s training classes are provided by trained, certified, and experienced Coolaroo instructors who provide you with safe driving techniques and skills before getting you on the road. We provide different driving lesson packages for adults, teens, and seniors in order that you’ll choose the one that suits your needs. Of course, not all vehicles are often driven in the same manner to cater to the present need. 

We offer practical classes in various vehicles that end in full satisfaction of client needs at the top of our sessions. Ricky school offers different courses on a versatile time schedule in Coolaroo so clients get an option to compare different courses among all as per need. Our exports also help and recommend clients to choose their driving course which surely meets the demand. Enroll yourself now to enjoy the special prices and learn to drive in a pleasant atmosphere. For more details visit the web site or please be happy to speak with us.

Ricky Driving School instructors deliver driving lessons in many other major suburbs of Melbourne like Reservoir, Seymour, Coburg, Epping, Sunbury, Craigieburn, and many more.